Why is Time&Space a different kind of solution?

Spica is system integrator for time and attendance, access control and mobile solutions. Through 25 years of experience we have gained a wide user base of our system, which now has more than 3,000 companies in the world.

Time&Space is a result of 25 years’ experience in time management and human resources field. In hospitality we are present from the very beginning. Our experience tells us that time management starts with planning. Without a planner that enables scheduling working hours by legislation and budgets working hours in correlation with the number of guests, any sort of time and attendance solution loses its purpose.

What are other benefits of Time&Space?
  • Monitoring the implementation and approval of the working hours by the section leader
  • Monitoring according to cost center and location
  • Overtime redistribution
  • Monitoring of all types of work (day work, night work, overtime, holidays, weekends…)
  • Reports generator (for management and HR department)
  • Assigning operational tasks using mobile phones
  • Using mobile phones and BLE technology that allows efficiency increase and reduces labor costs
  • Dynamic planning of working hours associated with standardized working hours related to the number of guests¸

“All modern businesses select IT solutions with an eye on the future. This means that they seek not only to satisfy the immediate needs, but also to create a system that will easily accommodate future requirements and guest expectations. The RFID and BLE platform is a logical bridge to next generation solutions.”

Neven Ruskovic, manager of Spica Sustavi


What is the most important thing in choosing the system for time and attendance?
  • New technologies bring new possibilities for accelerating and automatization of the process. A system that supports mobile registration mode (NFC or BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy beacon) makes registration of working hours in the field easier (and we all love our mobile phones and we find it hard to part from them.)
  • The possibility of integration with other systems (ERP): disjointed systems are the source of errors and unnecessary administration. The integration of time and attendance with other IT systems today is a rule, not an exception.
  • Different modules of the system to satisfy different needs of enterprises
  • Development: the best scenario is if system integrators for time and attendance have their own software and hardware development. That approach makes it easier to keep track of changes in legislation and to follow the development of new technologies.
  • Quality presentation of data and reports make system administration easier
  • Implementation, support and service: before buying the system for time and attendance, it is good to know how installation of the system looks like


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Neven Rusković is CEO of Špica Sustavi, a system integrator and time and attendance solution developing and selling company. His expertness arises from enthusiasm towards modern RFID and BLE technologies, based on his master of science electrical engineering.