Voice warehouse management in Gorenje

With voice solution for warehouse management we raised productivity and accuracy of the same team for about 60%. The evaluation for return on investment within 18 months is quite conservative because it seems to be faster. Without this investment we couldn’t optimize our logistics process and close our temporary warehouses. That results in significant savings in the cost distribution of spare parts for Gorenje.

             – Milan Meža, Service Manager of the Gorenje Group

Warehouse Gorenje in Velenje employs 60 people. They annually ship about 3 million spare parts which sums up to about 60 shipments a day. Before they implemented a voice warehouse management, the employees used paper to write down the information on required collecting and spare parts picking. Not only that the paper operations were tiresome for the workers, they also contributed to frequent errors during the classification. The most critical challenge was secondary picking.


In cooperation with Spica, Gorenje requested an optimal solution that supports their business. After carefully examined the situation, Spica experts suggested the system for voice warehouse management.


The solution contributed to easier and faster work in the secondary picking of spare parts. The biggest advantage of the new system can be seen in greater accuracy in the preparation of shipments, faster operations and elimination of paper business.

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Marijo Baburić is SCM program manager at Spica Sustavi. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development, mobile computing, mobile devices and databases. For ensuring long term quality and efficiency, he is the one to advise best portfolio of solutions and equipment.