Voice management: Ledo

Ledo d.d. is a leading domestic producer of industrial ice cream and the largest distributor of frozen foods. The highest possible standards in the field of distribution and quality allow for continuous operation in the introduction of new technologies and improvement of production processes. Ledo has its products stored in a large refrigerator truck in Zagreb at a temperature of -28°C. In the warehouse, items are managed by more than 50 employees who prepare shipments for customers throughout Croatian and abroad. Spica with their solution of voice control in the process of warehouse successfully responded to this demanding project.


Ledo has, therefore, decided that with the introduction of the new WMS system from the company Symphony EYC GOLD for warehouse management processes they would also use solution for voice control from the manufacturer Vocollect. The project access and voice control solution in the warehousing embedded functional specifications requested by Ledo as a quality WMS partners. The requests included increasing productivity by 20 percent, increasing the accuracy and precision to 99.95 percent and reduction in the number of controllers from eight to zero. The expected return on investment is estimated at 14.94 months.


Voice technology responded to the challenges on time and within the given budget. The highest result achieved was already on the third working day of production when there was an increase of 200 lines per hour.

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Marijo Baburić is SCM program manager at Spica Sustavi. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development, mobile computing, mobile devices and databases. For ensuring long term quality and efficiency, he is the one to advise best portfolio of solutions and equipment.