Spica highlights of 2015

Already fully immersed in new projects and following the aims set for 2016, we took a few minutes and threw a look back to 2015. It was dynamic, challenging and  – in the end of the day – successful.

The following projects will be remembered as the highlights of the previous year.

Large access control at the Port of Koper

Being one of the most important ports of the  Adriatic region, the Port of Koper (Luka Koper in Slovenian) employs around 1,000 people and daily cooperates with over 7,000 elukaKoper1external partners, such as health, tax and administration authorities, police, army and companies providing different range of services.  Adding up all the vehicles transporting cargo into the port and out of it, Luka Koper daily opens its door to approx. 10,000 pepole. Thus, a high quality access control is imperative.  Spica International has provided a modern, efficient and user-friendly system, tailor-made to the needs of the port, integrated with their existing systems and open for further developments and extensions. For further information, visit timeandspace.eu.

All Hours clocking  – the arrival of beacon and increased number of users

InBeacon png 2015, our cloud clocking solution has seen its users grow significantly while the first bigger clients, employing over 80 people, have subscribed.  Thanks to the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), the  employees can now register with their smartphones, even when there is no wireless connection available. Find our more on All Hours solution at allhours.com.

My Hours – a solution for tracking projects,  highly popular among freelancers

My Hours solution for tracking has been online since 2001, making it one of the first cloud services on the planet. It was launched way before the term “cloud computing” was even invented.  This year, our cloud team updated it and moved it to the new platform. At the moment, the  applications for iOS and Android are being developed.  Discover more on myhours.com.

A new way of clocking and Milestone integration

Time&Space, time Milestone_screen1attendance and access control solution has been added a new clocking device:  Iris ID – a biometric solution, based on the iris recognition.

Time&Space solution has also been integrated with the products of the biggest video surveillance provider Milestone, resulting in Spica becoming a Milestone solution partner.

Marija Jakopin is a presales consultant. Her field of work is about optimizing HRM processes and RFID tracking. She has an Applicative Mathematics Faculty degree, which enables her to understand the needs of the market from the IT point of view. In her free time she likes to explore tunnels.