Safer business with asset management

In addition to solution excellence, exceptional cooperation with Spica, mostly when adjusting the software, is something that means the most to me. As newspaper we have different rules and as such we are unique.

            – Aleksandra Andrejević, Accounting

Novosti is one of the most popular daily newspapers in Serbia. They employ over 400 people in Belgrade and throughout Serbia and have over 5.000 fixed assets. Since 2008, after comparing it with numerous solutions and because others recommended it, they used solution from Spica for inventory. Solution matched every need they had then, but now it couldn’t satisfy them anymore. The main disadvantage of the solution was the inability to limit the rights of the individual mobile devices which members of the team, according to the needs, used for inventory.


Agile approach and knowledge of new technologies helped the head of IT services, Zoran Trdenić, with decision to implement much more advanced solution Frontman Assets v.2.0. The initial fear of migration, which had to be done in a very short time, was additional motivation factor for successfull job. All data was transferred into the new program, and training to work with the new solution took less than 2 hours.


Frontman Assets contributed to faster and safer business management and addressed the problem of double entries, which often happened earlier and they were hard to reveal and undo.


  • Asset tracking,
  • Accurately assigning rights to all users of the system,
  • A possibility to create reports on your own,
  • Web client – data do not depend on a single computer.

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Nikola Dujmešić is a presales consultant. His field of expertise is supply chain management. He has a Logistics Faculty degree which enables him to understand the market from the customer point of view.