Protect your assets

Nowadays, the competition between the hotels is growing steadily every year. New hotels are being opened; new platform business models are arising (such as Airbnb) and starting to cut their share of the market. In order to cope with these challenges, it is crucial to have the processes as lean and cost efficient as possible.

One of these aspects is Asset Management.

To stay ahead of the competition, the board must know how many assets the hotel has, in what condition they are, where they are, how many services they had and for which price and, of course, who is responsible for each asset.

Frontman Asset does exactly that.


Frontman Assets is a complete solution for managing, monitoring, tracking, and inventorying fixed assets. It stands out and it is different from other systems for the mobile inventory of assets. It has the ability to manage assets in real time, regardless of the time and location and reduces the possibility of their loss. In addition, it is supported in several different locations. The operators themselves can receive new assets and enter them in the system automatically. The board is able to check the Assets from anywhere and anytime from their tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.

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Neven Rusković is CEO of Špica Sustavi, a system integrator and time and attendance solution developing and selling company. His expertness arises from enthusiasm towards modern RFID and BLE technologies, based on his master of science electrical engineering.