Microsoft Dynamics + Time&Space a perfect upsell opportunity

Companies who have improved their operations through the use of Microsoft Dynamics are aware of the importance of effective human resource management processes. One of the most-important building blocks, for both administrative savings and to meet legislative requirements, is the effective management of working time.

Navision TS integration

Spica’s Time&Space has provided this for over 2 decades, many times fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. Full integration means key data is automatically synchronised and available homogenously and dynamically across both systems. This is an essential feature that eliminates duplication of effort, reduces possible errors and increases the inherent performance of all elements of the system.
Time&Space has already been proven as an ideal Time&Attendance module embedded in Microsoft Dynamics, with dozens of integrations worldwide. Such integration offers you an opportunity for additional sales and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Feature rich, enterprise class work-time management solution.
  • Modular – additional features as required.
  • Deep, flexible and robust integration
  • By integrators, for integrators – at home, integration is our business – this is why we understand yours.
  • Innovation led products

Results before investment
We understand the overhead and risks involved in bringing a new product into your portfolio. We have designed our partner approach to build the relationship over time and to let you see the benefits before having to commit resources and investment. We also believe in the power of our solution – so we are ready to work hand-in-hand with you on early potential sales opportunities, to assist you in closing them and then our team implement them with you.
Only after we create our first success stories, generate first revenues and gain your trust will it be time to invest in a fully-fledged partnership.

Spica has over 25 years of experience of assisting customers in solving every type of challenge, which lead to over half a million of satisfied everyday users in over 3.000 installations.

Users of Spica’s systems for working time management significantly reduce the burden on their administration, and increase the transparency and control over working hours in real time – saving time and money in everyday and routine periodic tasks, such as daily corrections or the preparation of the payroll. It also reduces the stress of all those involved. With Spica’s integration modules, data is seamlessly shared between systems and all the necessary information (calculated, rounded and normalised worked hours and more) can be transferred to the payroll system with a single stroke.

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