Fixed Assets Management in Complex Business Surroundings

“We cut the inventory process time down from 45 to 15 days and the training of inventory commission only took 5 minutes!”

Igor Marinković, Associate for information security and ICT networks

UniCredit Bank Serbia employs over 1,000 people in two headquarters in Belgrade and more than 70 branch offices throughout Serbia. Taking into consideration the centralization of business process, decision has been made to take the management of assets to the highest level. UniCredit Bank was already using bar codes for labelling fixed assets, as well as mobile computers with bar code scanner.


The choice was Frontman Assets v2.0 – software solution for fixed asset management developed by SPICA. Implementation took only 2 days, including deployment of database on the server, installation of client applications, integration with the ERP system and training of the employees, along with a practical demonstration of activities during the inventory.


Frontman Assets, other than conducting inventory, provides monitoring and management of assets in real-time, all year round. By using appropriate reports, management of UniCredit Bank can effectively decide which assets should be serviced, which are fully operational and are not in use and which can be assigned to employees, instead of buying new equipment (eg. when new position opens).


  • Significantly shorter time for conducting inventory and less employee engagement
  • Much better accuracy
  • Concurrent inventories at multiple locations, with data synchronization in real time or on demand
  • Monitoring of assets (service, expense)
  • Efficient registration of excess and shortage

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Nikola Dujmešić is a presales consultant. His field of expertise is supply chain management. He has a Logistics Faculty degree which enables him to understand the market from the customer point of view.