Challenges of logistics solutions in Adriatic region

Slovenian economy is strongly present in Adriatic region. Špica, aregional company, with offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Beograd, Sarajevo and Skopje, is able to efficiently support businesses over entire Adriatic region. This is also the main purpose of organizing regional events regarding logistics solutions. During these events we present current trends, top solutions and good practices.

On our blog we wrote a lot about the warehouse management solutions and the use of voice management technologies in warehouse operations. Voice management is most commonly used in picking. We wrote about the implementation and advantages – how these solutions simplify the logistic process, increase productivity and save time and money. We organized two logistics events in april – WMS Conference in Beograd and WMS Workshop in Ljubljana.

At both events there were participants from more than 50 companies. In Ljubljana we focused mainly on ensuring the tractability, whereas in Beograd we focused on WMS solutions ROI analyses and the demonstration of voice management system at order picking process.


The first part of the Belgrade conference was about WMS. WMS is a solution for warehouse management, which is based on the bar codes and mobile terminals. Lots of Serbian companies showed interest in upgrading their current solutions. Predrag Treskanica spoke about trends and challenges in logistics. I was speaking about underlying reasons for the WMS solution implementation and presented the return of investment time through a specific example. Experienced WMS implementation consultant Marjan Vrankar demonstrated some of the key features of Accellos WMS solution in practice. The head of IT department in Alca Trgovina company, Mr. Nikola Mićić spoke about the implementation of Accellos WMS solution in their company, in which 50 employees are successfully using the solution. The participants showed great interest in his presentation about the analytical use of WMS data in warehouse functioning. The news and the strategy of Zebra Technologies equipement manufacturer were presented by their representative, Jovan Popović. The most attention and excitement got Zebra TC8000 terminal, which provides the possibility of looking through the screen.


In the second part of the conference Mr. Heiko Krause, the representative of Honeywell Vocollect company, spoke about the features and functioning of the Voice solution. Marijo Baburić, from Špica Voice competence center, described three examples of Špica Voice good practice from Ledo, Gorenje and Ralu Logistika companies. Case studies proved themselves to be very interesting. Answers to questions regarding possibilities and advantages of the solutions were provided by an expert in implementation and support of Voice solution, Mladen Sedinić, who also provided practical demonstration of upgrading WMS and increasing work efficiency by voice management.

His voice management demonstration of picking the order was very interesting for attendees, who asked lots of questions at the end. Voice guidance technology is also very useful in other activities like servicing and assembly of complex devices. The example of voice management in servicing jet engines was also presented.

Špica’s regional expert team at conference in Beograd 

In Ljubljana we reviewed current trends and new technologies in logistics field and presented examples of good practice in smaller and larger warehouses of different branches. Experts also provided  demonstration of warehouse management solution in practice. The entire spectrum of Špica’s warehouse support solutions was presented. Špica is well capable of addressing the challenges of large warehouses (50 – 200 concurrent users), as well as the smallest warehouses, where system is used by one employee only. Our knowledge of the processes and operations in big and small companies proves to be very useful in successful collaboration amongst customers and suppliers in SCM.

DSC_2562 (3)

“The conference was of great importance for international regional SCM projects.”

In forecoming months we will proceed with organizing such regional events. By summer 2016 we plan to hold event in Zagreb, and in autumn also in Ljubljana, Beograd and Sarajevo. All of our events are free of charge for attendees. We will continue to choose interesting topics and current trends for presentations. You are welcome to suggest potential themes for upcoming events. Feel free to send your prefrences to my e-mail address.

Dejan Reichmann je strokovnjak s področja optimizacije procesov v skladiščnem in proizvodnem poslovanju. V Špici deluje kot vodja projektov in svetovalec pri izbiri tehnologij in rešitev za obvladovanje skladiščnih in proizvodnih procesov. Je avtor slovenske rešitve za informacijsko podporo skladiščnih procesov Frontman Hydra WMS.______________________________________________________________________Dejan Reichmann is an expert in the field of IT systems and process optimization in the field of logistics. At Spica, he works as a project manager and WMS consultant. He is the author of Frontman Hydra WMS, the Slovenian solution for warehouse management.