Asset Management in Hotel Surroundings

‘With Frontman Assets solution our business became faster and more transparent, because now we can see exactly who, what, and when something has been done and we can do inventory for the entire company, using one reader.’

Marin Levak, Senior Associate for Program Support

Istraturist is a hotel company with over 50 years of experience in providing tourist services in hotels, apartments and camps. Recognition and success of Istraturist are the result of many years of focus towards high quality tourism. Istraturist orientation towards quality is best reflected in excellently organized internal processes. . Spica’s solution for fixed assets inventory fit into their defined work process. Long-term cooperation with Spica, as well as the existing solution for time attendance and access control is the reason why Istraturist decided for this solution

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Nikola Dujmešić is a presales consultant. His field of expertise is supply chain management. He has a Logistics Faculty degree which enables him to understand the market from the customer point of view.