3 ways to improve the focus of your staff

In this post, we shall discuss how to increase the mobility of staff within their workflow. When talking about hotel workflows, it is important to implement IT solutions that simplify and quicken staff members’ work. The best way to decide which solutions are most suitable is to ask ourselves: are my processes optimized well and how have others solved the same problems?

Here are 3 methodologies that were implemented in the biggest hospitality chains, such as Radisson, Sheraton, and Starwood:

  • dynamic status of clean rooms, sending the tasks to staff members’ mobile phones
  • bill and fill the minibars at the same time
  • interactive management of guests’ requests.

Dynamic list of rooms that need cleaning

During high season in a hotel, no time can be wasted. Optimized software takes care of providing a prioritized list of rooms to be made up and brings dynamic assignments of rooms to employees. Behind the scene, real-time synchronization with PMS is running in order to reflect the current status of room occupation and cleanliness. To make sure that there are no gaps, the software keeps track of the rooms that still need to be made up at all times.

Minibar status

Reliably transferring data from minibar usage to the guest bill is no longer a problem. Modern, mobile workflow oriented software charges the guests’ bills from minibar usage from the room, then the minibar is restocked, and it provides a prioritized list of rooms for minibars to be tended to and (this is especially great!) it reports the details about consumption, popular items, and times for each minibar, so that the hotel can offer special prices, coupons, or loyalty bonuses to the guest.

Interactive guests request handling

When a guest arrives in the room and notices a bulb is out, for example, they usually call the reception, which has to contact a janitor or maintenance worker, but they are not always available. They can only note in which room the bulb needs to be replaced and cannot provide any further information about the matter to the guest. An alternative to handling guests’ requests is to implement software that records and tracks service requests made by guests and automatically allocates assignments to the staff members. After a request is received, the software tracks service requests to completion – requests cannot be lost or forgotten. The software constantly synchronizes the information provided to the staff members on handheld devices and escalates overdue service requests in real time. Information about the statistics of all the service requests can be provided by the system so that asset management can lower costs and achieve a higher efficiency level.

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Neven Rusković is CEO of Špica Sustavi, a system integrator and time and attendance solution developing and selling company. His expertness arises from enthusiasm towards modern RFID and BLE technologies, based on his master of science electrical engineering.