SmartButler – Smart hotel solution

Most hotel chains are equipped with one of the Property Management System solutions, which takes care of all those important and great things in their daily operations. But on the other hand, most hotel chains lack a solution that would take into account those everyday things that are considered “little” or “unimportant” on the first sight.

Has that faulty remote control in the room 112 finally been replaced? How many items do we need to fill the mini bar? Which room should we clean first? When will the next periodic inspection of the pool filter take place? Which guest should receive some extra attention? Are our  guests happy with the services? Which activities should be transferred to another shift?

These things may be seemingly “unimportant” or “little”, yet they significantly affect a client’s overall impression on the hotel (in a good or in a bad way).  While a significant deal of investment may be spent on bigger and more visible items,  these little things often play a crucial role of the icebreakers.  This become especially evident when they accumulate, for example, when a hotel is completely full or when there is a guest shift.

Every shift manager or the manager of the hotel will be familiar with these challenges on a daily basis.  They are especially critical for the owners, who expect a double return: of investment and of guests.


SmartButler is smart hotel server software that takes care of all the little things making a hotel great. It offers connectivity to most of the PMS solutions while its functions are defined in several modules;

LogBook module manages all the tasks given to the staff on the guests’ requests. Every single guest request is recorded and forwarded to the person in charge. That person has to complete the task in given time and confirm that the problem was solved.

Housekeeping module is in charge of the room status, which means it assigns cleaning to responsible personnel, and it establishes the priorities to the rooms that need attending. It also takes care of the synchronization status of the room with the PMS system.

Mini-Bar module manages the intelligent process of completing a mini bar and provides the information on the consumed items as well as the correspondent billing. It keeps the register of the most wanted items and reduces the total time required for inspecting and completing mini bars.

PM module is responsible for preventive maintenance of fixed assets within the hotel. It contains calendar of activities and tasks, and reports on activities completed and uncompleted with warnings and alarms.

Feedback module  collects the guests’ feedback and takes care of its automatic transmission to the responsible staff and management. It also creates reports on the shortcomings and the necessary improvements.

DutyManager module enables the supervisor to access all the shift events. It allows the monitoring and event management as well as the transfer of unrealized duties to the next shift.

PAGM module – ProActive Guest Management  ensures the proactive management of guest satisfaction through selecting the key guests for surveys, collecting and processing the obtained information, and creating reports.

All these modules form SmartButler, a complete background hotel solution that is easy to use for all the staff. Available on any smart device, it enables a mobile personnel management including constant communication and interaction. Its functionalities contribute to better service quality, the increased guest satisfaction and significant costs savings due to the process optimization. All these factors may meaningfully contribute to the acceleration of your business.

SmartButler has been integrated into many international hotel companies such as Radisson, Hilton and Starwood, but this does not mean that it is intended only for ” the big ones “. There is also SmartButler Mezzo solution, perfectly tuned with the needs and budgets of small and middle-sized hotels. SmartButler can be installed on your hotel server space, or in the cloud, which brings easy deployment and technical support 24/7.

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Miki Bratanić is senior sales manager with ten years of sales experience background in solution and support selling. Understanding customer organisation, business process, along with customer needs, and searching for proper solution is his main focus and carrier driver. He is acting as a Partner Sales Manager in Špica Sustavi.